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Welcome to Stevensville

The Stevensville Civic Club was organized in 1948, and is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. Our focus is to improve the place we call home; Stevensville and the surrounding community. We do this through our partnerships with our neighbors, community organizations and the town. 

Stevensville Civic Club is a 100% volunteer organization. Funding for the Civic Club comes from donations from the community, member dues, grants and our events.


Our members are what allows us to be successful and to partner with our community for the benefit of all. 

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What We Do

Annual Events

  • July 4th PIGnic with the Stevensville Fire Department and Legion Post #94 (Fort Owen)

  • Creamery Picnic, first weekend of August

  • Co-Sponsor Annual Clean Up Day with the Town of Stevensville

  • Christmas Lights over Main Street

  • Country Christmas Festival and the Parade of Lights, First Friday in December

Gifts to Stevensville

  • Benches on Main Street

  • Memorial Trees along the Cutoff Road path

  • New pavilions at Lewis & Clark Park

  • Creamery Garden Park

  • Built and maintain the roadside information kiosks on Highway 93

  • Trout Spout Splash Pad in Lewis & Clark Park

Community Support and Funding for

  • Grants and volunteers to build the River Trail

  • Commissioned study of local historic homes

  • Fund raising for Stevensville Town Pool

  • Walkable Communities Project which resulted in extending River Trail to Highway 93

  • Years of working with MDT to develop our stretch of Highway 93

  • Convinced Stevensville Town Council to keep land for a quiet use River Park

  • Donated $7,500 for Bear Mountain Playground in Lewis & Clark Park

  • Donated $1,000 for the skate park in Lewis & Clark Park

  • Money for new soccer fields

"Spin Off" Groups and Clubs

  • Main Street Association

  • Project 59870

  • Stevensville Community Foundation

Over $1,000,000 raised and/or donated for local community projects!

And more to come.


Whether you are looking to become a member, volunteer or just have questions, please feel free to contact us. 

 -- Sean | President, Stevensville Civic Club

(406) 303-9221

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